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Who we are

PinkCube is an HR Consultancy drawing on 15 years of corporate experience who are passionate about ensuring people feel great at work. Because when people feel great, they do great things.
So whether you’re a start up, a small to medium sized employer who needs some specialist people support, or a corporate who needs to draft in some additional expert help, we would be delighted to bring our extensive knowledge and experience to you.

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Hello, I'm Claire

I love working with people and have been leading and coaching teams for over 15 years in various roles.
I have worked for people first organizations such as Marriott International as well as start ups, new openings and SMEs.
I am a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
I have a Law degree and a Masters in Human Resources Management.
I have completed an Advanced Certificate in Strategic HR Management at Cornell University.

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